Internal development programmes

SMEs, which have the possibility of launching new products or conquering new markets, often see their development constrained by a lack of adequate financial resources. As a result, this exceeds the normal scope of bank credit facilities. Equita K Finance assists companies with their financial requirements and raising necessary capital through a business plan analysis and evaluation. Afterwards, the new business plan is presented to the financial community to for potential investors.

Acquisition of competitive or complementary companies are the quickest way of increasing company value and achieving the minimal optimal dimensions required by new competitive dynamics of global markets. Equita K Finance helps companies draw up their strategic growth plans, single out their target acquisition companies, and deal with evaluations and negotiations until the operation closes, while searching for the funds to finance the acquisition simultaneously.

External dimensional growth

Generational change

Many entrepreneurs find themselves in a situation where they are projecting, planning and facilitating their company’s transition. Differing attitudes and strategic orientations within the company may call for changes in the corporate direction. In this case, Equita K Finance provides management support by introducing planning and controlling systems, new managerial resources, and financial partners. This allows liquidation for some parts of the company that may be an obstacle for development.

Assigning a minority stake of shares to institutional investors is appropriate when the entrepreneur wants to exchange part of their business investments into cash, while retaining control of the company. Equita K Finance conducts an evaluation of the company, searches for an institutional investor, and negotiates the project’s terms and conditions.

Converting part of one’s own investments into money

Disposal of companies, assets and participations

The sell of companies, branches or not anymore strategic investments allows resources to become available and to be allocated towards profiting investments or the core business. Equita K Finance can manage the discarding processes, by researching the parties that are interested in buying the definition of the merger’s conditions.