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Equita K Finance is an Associate Member of AIFI.

AIFI, Italian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, was founded in 1986 to promote, develop, and institutionally represent venture capital and private equity in Italy. AIFI is an organization composed of different entities that, through both direct investment and closed-end funds, are private equity and venture capital investors with the objective of purchasing, managing, and divesting in unlisted companies.
Equita K Finance is a member of the M&A Commission and developed the “Ethical Code of M&A.” The Code, which sets the ethical standards for financial advisors, has been approved by the Board of Equita K Finance since its first publication in 2006.





Equita K Finance is a Partner of ELITE, Euronext Group’s SMEs network supporting high-impact entrepreneurs to foster economic growth and sustainable development.



Equita K Finance is a shareholder of KF Economics, a research and consulting firm focused on rating analysis (creditworthiness of companies) and the creation of econometric models for market analysis and the strengthening of skills in credit management and supplier selection